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CrashPlan Cloud Backup is designed to backup the data you have stored on your laptop and desktop computers in your business or enterprise with the backup data being stored in the ceejay Cloud which is located in Amsterdam.

ceejay Software is the official Code42 CrashPlan enterprise partner.

Years in Business

Terabytes Protected

STORING EQUIVALENT OF 40 million, four drawer filing cabinets

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Why Backup Your Data

Our files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images and videos and memories are irreplaceable.

Even if you have moved to a service such as Office 365, Dropbox or Google Suite you still need to backup your data, because you are still responsible for keeping your data safe from viruses, ransomware, hackers, human error, malicious employees, hardware and software faults and natural disasters.

What You Can Backup

With CrashPlan Cloud Backup you can backup the files located on the internal hard drive on your laptop and desktop computers to the ceejay Cloud which is in Amsterdam.

We run on Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows desktop and laptop computers.

We Don’t Put Out The Trash

With CrashPlan Cloud Backup you can restore files from any chosen date and time as we have unlimited versions.

Deleted files are always retained by default or can be purged by you for GDPR compliance.

Intelligent Cloud Backup

CrashPlan Backup is intelligent in that files are split into variable segments for backup and restores.

Segments can be in different files, folders, drives and even different computers all within your own encrypted account so ceejay Cloud Backup only needs to backup segments once, plus all segments are encrypted and compressed.

When you get a shiny new computer CrashPlan Backup detects it already has a backup of the segments so will not upload them again.


Continuous or Scheduled Backup

With CrashPlan Cloud Backup your backup is setup by default to run a backup every 30 minutes to make sure your files are always protected.

If you want you can also change this so your backup can run on a schedule when you are away from your computer.

Backup Sets

Select different sets of files to backup and send them to various destinations or run backups at varying schedules with varying options of retention.


Your Data,
Only Your Access

All data is encrypted using high-level encryption on your device which only you can access. 

Your data remains encrypted at rest and is only stored where you choose, and we are compliant with GDPR.

Be In Control

Use the web console to view the status of your backup and to make remote changes to CrashPlan Cloud Backup on your devices.

If you have the privilege of being the administrator of your group, then you can view the status of all the devices running CrashPlan Cloud Backup and even make changes to all of them.


We Won’t Slow,
Your Internet

No one likes a slow computer and internet, that’s so we have an option in CrashPlan Cloud Backup where you can limit the amount of bandwidth used to prevent a backup slowing your web browsing.

Check Up
On Your Backup

You need to know what your backup is running and working with CrashPlan Cloud Backup you receive a status report by email each day.


Assisted Install
+ Help

We can arrange a screen-share with our team based in our head office in Scotland to talk you through using CrashPlan Cloud Backup and to make sure your backup is running and configured how you want.

Free 30 Day Trial

To get started with your free 30 day trial of CrashPlan Cloud Backup backing up to Amsterdam with CeeJay Software, please use the buttons below.

If requested the PROe server address for the ceejay cloud it is code42.ceejay.net:4282 and the trial key is MR2U-8JU2-C9WR-PTT4