CrashPlan PROe – Amsterdam Data Centre

Code42 Software has established a new data centre for CrashPlan PROe in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which has been online and accepting data for a while.

Since CeeJay Software are one of the larger users of the Code42 Software Dublin data centre, CeeJay Software have agreed with Code42 Software to approve the migration away from Dublin to Amsterdam commencing Tuesday 14th of April 2015, this has now been 100% completed as of 17th July 2015.

Advantages of Amsterdam Data Centre

The primary advantages are that we will benefit from having more expansion options since both CeeJay Software and Code42 Software continuing to work together on a daily basis with both companies expanding our operations, we will also benefit from more resilient and faster network connections when connecting to the Amsterdam data centre.

Backup Status in Red

During the migration we had to upgrade our admin console to the release at the time, which contained a known issue in that, devices that are 100% backed up may incorrectly display a red progress bar instead of a green progress bar.

If the backup percentage is listed as 100%, and the device’s Last Backup Activity and Completed time is less than the threshold for a critical alert, then the device’s backup is complete and no action is necessary.

The red / orange items in the reports will be fixed in a future update from Code42 details on it’s release will be made available at a later date listed on

Update 17th July 2015

The migration to Amsterdam is fully completed.