Backup Intelligence:

Below are the frequently asked questions plus their answers relating to Backup Intelligence.
  • Is Backup Intelligence your own solution?
    Yes. Backup Intelligence is owned by CeeJay Software
  • Where is the backup stored?

    Backup locations can be decided by the user - currently we offer locations in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.

    We’re going to be adding Asia and more locations later on in 2018.

  • Where can I download Backup Intelligence?

    You need to uninstall any current version of Backup Intelligence on your device and install the version from

  • Is there a free trial / payment information?

    Yes, there is a free 30 day trial on our website - we will contact you before your trial expires to arrange payment, which can be through Direct Debit, Credit Card or BACS.

  • Can CeeJay Software or anyone else read my files/security?
    No. Your backup data is encrypted end-to-end, meaning only you can see your files with the right password and key. There is a full explanation of the security certificates we hold and the client’s encryption on our support site at
  • How often does the backup run?
    By default the backup runs once per day, but you can change that to once per hour, once every 2 hours, once every 12 hours etc, as well as set a custom backup schedule to have it run outside office hours.
  • Can I back up my Server/NAS/SAN?
    Yes. The client will be able to run on servers and see network drives as regular file paths. There is a separate plan required for accounts with servers and network drives - please see below.
  • Do you offer a drive seeding service?
    Yes. For a one-off price we will ship a hard drive to you which you will then add as a destination on the Backup Intelligence client, complete your initial backup to this drive, then ship the drive back to us where we will use our high speed business connection to upload your data to your account.
  • Pricing?

    If you are a current customer with CeeJay Software please contact us for our special migration prices.


    Backup Intelligence has pricing for laptops and desktops with 300GB storage included, is £60 per year, plus VAT.

    Pricing for servers and NAS drives starting with 2TB is £19.99 per month, plus VAT.

  • Can I manage all my backups remotely/administration?
    Yes. If you have purchased multiple accounts, there is an admin console login link on our website at
  • Can I use the client to import settings from my previous backup solution?
    Yes. The client offers the option to import backup settings (e.g. CrashPlan) so that you do not have to reconfigure settings again unnecessarily.
  • Can I back up Exchange or SQL?
    Yes. Backup Intelligence offers the ability to add Exchange or SQL into your Protected Item which will use its tailored functions to back up data straight from the relevant file types.
  • Can I back up Veeam files?
    Yes. Backup Intelligence offers support to back up Veeam files.
  • Is the client VSS aware in Windows?
    Yes. The client will be able to work with system snapshots and back up files that are dependent on this.
  • Can I back up my complete computer?
    You can do this by including all of your folders, but we would not recommend this as backing up running programs tends to slow down the process and back up unnecessary data. Ideally you should only be backing up your documents and media files, as programs can just be reinstalled if necessary.
  • Version and Deletions?
    You can set any number of versions that you require with the client This option is located in the Protected Item retention settings. You can also adjust what you want to do with deleted files i.e. keep them for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or keep them forever which is the default.
  • File Exclusions, some files are not backing up?

    We have set some file exclusions i.e. do not backup temp or cache files.

    You can also set your own file exclusions in the Backup Intelligence client.

  • Does the client provide feedback for my backup progress?
    Yes. You will receive email notifications to inform you of the backup completion, and the client keeps a history log of all your backups including any warnings and errors - we can help you with these if they are not clear, just send an email to
  • What type of support is available?

    We are open during normal UK business hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and require a ticket to be placed using our help website at We reply the same day, and outside these hours we deal with emergency support as they are raised in tickets.

    We also offer free remote assisted setup and training.

  • If I were to cancel, what would happen to my data?
    Your data would be removed from our data servers after a few days, giving your time to change your mind if necessary. We will act compliantly with all Data Protection legislation and upcoming GDPR legislation with respect to your data.

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