CrashPlan Endpoint Protection:


Below are our frequently asked question and their answers relating to CrashPlan Endpoint Protection.
Are you the same company as CrashPlan / Code42?

no CeeJay Software is independent company and have been running for 18 years. CeeJay Software is the European partner who provides CrashPlan PROe and are recommended by Code42.

Whats the difference between CrashPlan PROe (Black logo) and CrashPlan PRO (blue logo) or CrashPlan or CrashPlan + (green logo)

CrashPlan PROe is the enterprise level CrashPlan which contains all the features and is used by large companies.

All other version of CrashPlan are basically PROe with less features. CrashPlan and CrashPlan PRO and CrashPlan + are not available in the UK or Europe as they are for not for business use and only backup to America.

Where is the backup stored?
The backup data is located in Amsterdam, as we have the use of the Code42 data centre which is in Amsterdam for Enterprise customers like CeeJay Software.
Where can I download CrashPlan PROe?
You need to remove all other versions of CrashPlan and install the version from
Is there a free trial / payment information?
yes, there is a free 14 day trial on our website at www.ceejay.com we will contact you before your trial expires to arrange payment, which is direct debit, or BACS for schools etc.
Can CeeJay Software or Code42 read my files / security?
You can set your own custom private encryption key allowing your backup data is encrypted at 448 bit encryption on your own computer,. You only you have access to the data, there is a full explanation of the security certificates we hold and the encryption on our support site at help.ceejay.com
How often does the backup run?
By default the backup runs once every 15 minutes, but you can change that to once an hour, every few hours, once a day etc, or set it to run outside office hours.
Can I backup my Server / NAS / SAN?
No, CrashPlan is designed to backup endpoints i.e. laptops and desktops. If you wish to backup a server, NAS or SAN please look at Backup Intelligence from CeeJay Software.
CrashPlan PROe is charged per user with each user able to run CrashPlan PROe on a maximum of 4 of their own use devices i.e. their desktop, their laptop, server and have CrashPlan PROe on their iPad / iPhone or Android Device.

The price is £120 + vat per year per user

Can I manage all my backups remotely / administration?
Yes, there is the admin console there is a link on our website at www.ceejay.com our use the following link.

https://code42.ceejay.net:4285 where you can manage all your users and add remove them as required.

Can I backup Exchange or SQL?
No, please look at Backup Intelligence for this.
Can I backup Veeam files?
No, please look at Backup Intelligence for this.
Can I backup my complete computer?
No, as CrashPlan is a file level backup you need to select the files to backup i.e. your documents. Do not backup the root drive i.e. drive C: or Applications or Programs.
Version and Deletions?
How many versions does CrashPlan keep, you can set any number or set unlimited versions, this is changed in the settings page of CrashPlan PROe and also adjust what you want to do with deleted files i.e. keep them for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or keep them forever.
File Exclusions, some files are not backing up?
By default there are file exclusions i.e. not to backup temp, system or application or program files, if you have a real need to backup some of these files you can submit a support ticket to help@ceejay.com and we can work with on on this.
What support is available?
We are open during normal UK business hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and require a ticket to be placed using our support website at help.ceejay.com we reply the same day, outside these hours we deal with emergency support as raised in tickets.
Can I pay monthly?
The cost to pay monthly by direct debit is £10.99+vat per user per month.