Endpoint Protection

CrashPlan Endpoint Protection is designed to backup the data you have stored on your endpoint devices in your enterprise and to then backup that data to our cloud which is located in Amsterdam.

CeeJay Software is the Code42 CrashPlan enterprise partner.

CrashPlan in Europe

All the backup data is stored in our cloud located in Amsterdam, which is managed by CeeJay Software.


Continuous Backup

Backups take place once every 15 minutes to make sure your data is regularly backed up.


Encrypted Backup

Uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption to secure your backup; this ensures that only you can access your backup.


Data Compression

Data is compressed at the time of the backup with data de-duplication reduces the time of the backup.

Unlimited Versions + Deletions

CrashPlan by default keeps all versions, including deletions of your files in the backup archive.

Endpoint Cloud Backup

Backup the files on the internal drives on your Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS laptop or desktop.

Admin Console

Remotely manage CrashPlan by using our web admin console which also allows for remote restores.


Backup Sets

Groups of files can be sent to the cloud or to local backup locations or even contain different backup settings.

Email Reports

Users and administrators can receive daily or weekly backup reports and alerts by email.